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What is RGN in trucking? Removable Gooseneck (RGN) are flexible trailers that are detachable at the front end, so they can be easily turned into a ramp. Typically, they are used to haul tall, long, and oversized heavy equipment.Β 

The flexibility of RGN trucks makes the process of loading and unloading easier – the heavy equipment is simply driven up the ramp when loading – without the need for using other loading equipment.Β 

Also, for heavy equipment and machinery that can’t be driven up the ramp, they can be loaded on the RGN with a crane.Β 

RGN trailers have a low well between the front end and the back end which makes them suitable for hauling over-height equipment and machinery without the need for height permit β€” saving you time and money.

And in cases where the height of the cargo still requires a height permit, our expert RGN logistics teams can take care of it for you.

Heavy Hauling Company and our network of carriers prioritize the safe and timely delivery of your oversized loads, machinery, and heavy equipment.

Our network of carriers are experienced logistics professionals that are committed to delivering quality services while adhering to safety standards to ensure you have a great hauling experience. Contact us now for all your RGN Transportation Services.

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We're Capable of hauling different types of RGN cargoes including;

We understand how important safety and timely delivery is to our clients. On one hand, heavy equipment are quite pricey, so utmost care must be taken and safety measures put in place to ensure the safe delivery of your heavy equipment and machinery.

While on the other hand, unnecessary and avoidable delays in the arrival of heavy equipment where it’s needed could lead to loss of time and money on a project.

To avoid these challenges, we ensure your cargo is handled and transported by experienced drivers and logistics professionals that are committed to the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

You can rest assured knowing that your heavy equipment and machinery is in capable hands and is handled professionally, right from pick-up to delivery.

Do you need help determining if a RGN trailer is the right kind of truck for hauling your heavy equipment and oversized load? We’ve got you covered. Simply talk to our experienced logistics experts today.