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Flatbed trailers are used to transport oversized loads that are too large to be hauled by standard trailers. When it’s appropriate for the dimensions of your cargo, we use flatbed trailers to safely transport your heavy equipment and super-loads to your desired destination.

Because flatbed trailers are open, freight is secured by strapping with nylon straps. The straps hold the cargo in place without damaging it. And in the event that the equipment or machinery being hauled requires cover, tarps are used to protect them from bad weather, dirt, or exhaust fumes.

Your cargo may be transported as truckload or Less than Truckload (LTL) — for cargo that occupies less than half of the trailer. Hauling LTL saves you money because the shipping cost is shared with other shippers.

In all cases, Heavy Hauling Company and our network of experienced partners prioritize the safe and timely delivery of your oversized loads, machinery, and heavy equipment.

Our network of experienced carriers are committed to delivering quality services while maintaining strict safety standards to ensure you have a great hauling experience.

We are capable of taking care of your heavy equipment hauling, whether you’re transporting industrial equipment, construction materials, forestry and agricultural equipment, or oil and gas equipment amongst others.

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Flatbed Transportation Services
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We understand how important safety and timely delivery is to our clients. On one hand, heavy equipment are quite pricey, so utmost care must be taken and safety measures put in place to ensure the safe delivery of your heavy equipment and machinery.

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Equipment and machinery that can be hauled on flatbed trailers include;

While on the other hand, unnecessary and avoidable delays in the arrival of heavy equipment where it’s needed could lead to loss of time and money on a project.

To avoid these challenges, we ensure your cargo is handled and transported by experienced drivers and logistics professionals that are committed to the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

You can rest assured knowing that your heavy equipment and machinery are in experienced hands and are handled professionally from pick-up to delivery.

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